Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seeking Easier Way to Fire Teachers in Sex Cases

Mayor Micheal R Bloomberg said " tuesday that the city should have the final say on teacher accused of sexual misconduct should be fired even if hearing determined that they should keep their jobs. under the state law misconduct case involved teacher would be decide after a hearing in front of arbitrator choose by both the school district and the teacher union but Mr. Bloomberg arguing that the union want to protect its member rather than it does of the student. 

the New State law proposed giving the city school chancellor the ability to override an Arbitrator decision to fire or penalize a teacher in a sex misconduct case. there simply no reason that teacher accused of sexual misconduct should have great job security than other city employees  The arbitration cases are known as 3020-a hearings, after the section of the State Education Law that guarantees tenured teachers a chance to defend themselves. Supporters of the process say that having a neutral third party is crucial because teachers can be too easily targeted by students or principals with whom they have clashed.

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